Thank you for being awesome and for taking action.  My coach, Craig Ballantyne has created the ultimate program that combines the Turbulence Training principles along with metabolic finishers.

This program is yours as a thank-you for investing in the Workout Finishers product.  So, you get even  more finisher goodies and  another rock solid TT program to blast belly fat.

Have fun with it, and thank you again for being a customer.


Mike Whitfield,  CTT

Also, don’t forget to “like”  the new Workout Finishers on Facebook and join the Workout Q and A sessions:


We are sharing our finishers and asking questions there.  Good stuff.

To download your bonus, simple right click on the image or link below and choose “save as” and save it wherever you wish.

CLICK HERE to download the Metabolic Finishers MRT program



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