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Get 90 Days of Fat-Burning Metabolic Workouts, 7 Nutrition Bonuses and Done-for-You Meal Plans, PLUS 12 Powerful 5-Minute Finishers to Crank Your Metabolism

Not to mention a NEW Finisher Challenge EVERY Week!


You will instantly receive all three Metabolic Workouts PLUS the nutrition AND done-for-you fat loss meal plans bonuses for only $9. PLUS, you’ll get 30 days free in the Workout Finishers Inner Circle where you’ll get direct access to me to help you finally burn the fat, once and for all – and if you decide to let me help you achieve your fat loss goals and choose to remain a member of the Workout Finishers Inner Circle, you will be billed just $9.95 per month starting in 30 days.

If fat loss is your goal, I’ll give you the same workouts and meal plans that helped me lose 105 pounds.

Dear Finisher Friend,

Millions of people all over the world just like you have started a fat loss transformation journey, and have failed in the first 30 days.

Let me ask you something…

[text_bar_3 background=”#F0F0F0″ + width=”100%”]What Do You Know About What it Takes to Make Your Transformation Happen and Last a Lifetime?[/text_bar_3]

Before you answer that, I’m not looking for the “standard” textbook answer like, “lift weights and eat less”. Anyone can say those words, but the failure statistics prove otherwise. I’m talking about something much deeper. I’m not talking about just losing some fat or being able to do your first pull-up either.

I’m talking about a REAL transformation… like the one I made when I finally figured out the secret and lost (and kept off) 105 pounds of fat.

After all, anyone can lose 5 pounds, 10 pounds, or even 20 pounds… but can you lose more, and more importantly, how can you KEEP it off?

Have YOU ever kept it off?… or are you bouncing around from one diet program to another? Because I’ve done that, and let me tell you – it doesn’t work.

After losing 105 pounds myself and being able to keep it off, I’ve discovered that even if you have the BEST workout system or even the BEST diet in place, you can easily fail. You can do all the right things, but all of a sudden…


And this is when the downward spiral begins. One missed workout or binge eating day becomes two. Then it becomes a week. Then it becomes months. Then it becomes the legendary “I need to do something about this”, yet you DON’T…

… until finally you get fed up and sick and tired of the fat and in a desperate attempt you try a new workout or diet.

It may work for a little bit, but inevitably, it fails… and your weight creeps up again.

I’m going to share with you the one piece to the puzzle that’s missing from your transformation that will easily be a game-changer. It’s what I used when I finally figured out the “secret”. You’ll soon discover why this really isn’t a “secret” at all. However, you will see just how powerful it can be when you take action on it.

You’ll discover that it’s more than just losing fat. This is about waking up every day excited and knowing EXACTLY what to do and simply just executing to not only get the best body you’ve ever had, but knowing you have an army standing behind you encouraging you every step and every rep of the way.

Without a doubt, it’s been the BIGGEST impact on my ability to keep off my 105 pounds … and it will be the biggest impact on your transformation, too.

That, I can promise you.

What most people don’t realize is just how important this tool is.

This one tool is ACCOUNTABILITY.

A new University of Kansas  study found that those that were part of an online community  in which users interact together, helped people lose weight and keep it off for 6 months. Now, this is significantly longer than “average”. This shouldn’t surprise you, as accountability is the only thing that is missing from a transformation from about 95% of people who try to make a change. You see…

[text_bar_3 background=”#F0F0F0″ + width=”100%”]  An Online Supporting Environment Destroys All Barriers that are Holding You Back from Your Fat Loss Transformation [/text_bar_3]

That’s where this NEW Workout Finishers community comes in. Once you become a part of the Workout Finishers Inner Circle, you’ll have all the daily accountability, direction and coaching you need to make a lasting change and the tools to keep that change… FOREVER.

[features_box_blue width=”75%” + border=”2px”]Workout Finishers Inner Circle Coaching Program Summary:

[black_tick_list width=”100%”]

  • NEW Full Metabolic Workouts Every Month
  • Personal Motivation from Someone Who Has Been There
  • Ongoing Accountability and Support
  • Private Forum Where You Can Ask Unlimited Questions 
  • Coaching Videos
  • NEW Member Only Challenges and Metabolic Finishers each week



You’ll get all of this… for just 33 cents a day (first 50 people only).

The Finishers Inner Circle is about getting you results, keeping you motivated and giving you support. But it’s also allowing you discover your true potential.

That’s what coaches and mentors do. We bring the best out of people just like you. Look, I even have a fitness coach and I also have a life coach. They challenge me to be my very best – above all they help me stay accountable to MYSELF.

This is exactly what I want to do for you so that you can destroy mental barriers and workout plateaus so that you can finally become the person you were meant to be… just like these people:

Nancy Lost 32 Pounds and Had to Buy a New Wardrobe

[text_bar_1 background=”#D8D8D8″ + width=”100%”]“A total of 32 pounds and 24.25 inches torched! I had to buy a new wardrobe! I’ve lost an additional 13 pounds applying the techniques I learned from you.”

– Nancy[/text_bar_1]

Philip Won $1,000 in the TT Transformation Contest While Losing 34 Pounds

[text_bar_1 background=”#D8D8D8″ + width=”100%”]“I thought I knew how to work out, so I did the bike, elliptical and treadmill with no results. Then Mike changed my vision of working out”

– Philip



Robin Lost 50 Pounds and 15% Body Fat

[text_bar_1 background=”#D8D8D8″ + width=”100%”]“I have lost over 50 pounds and 15% body fat. But I have gained self confidence, but more importantly knowing that we can all do it.”


– Robin



At the Age of 43, John Finally Found His Six-Pack Abs

[text_bar_1 background=”#D8D8D8″ + width=”100%”]“For the first time in my life, I finally have six-pack abs. In the past, I’d just sit around, this time I would mix in Workout Finishers. The Finishers were great in that I could get a good heart rate going in just a few minutes and keep the metabolic fire burning on off days.”

– John[/text_bar_1]

Leslie Found a New Sense of Self-Confidence While Losing 22 Pounds of Fat

[text_bar_1 background=”#D8D8D8″ + width=”100%”]“Transforming my body was my goal, but I found I also underwent a mental transformation.That was a big reason I got second place in the TT Transformation Contest. These days I love going to the gym. Finally, I am strong AND confident!”

– Leslie[/text_bar_1]

Chris Lost 40 Pounds in 12 Weeks without Any Cardio

[text_bar_1 background=”#D8D8D8″ + width=”100%”]“If I don’t start today, it’ll just take me that much longer to get to where I need to be is what I told myself. I can hardly believe where I once was when I look at myself now. I’m smaller now then I was in Junior High School!”

– Chris[/text_bar_1]

Amber Lost 10 Pounds of Fat and $1,000

[text_bar_1 background=”#D8D8D8″ + width=”100%”]“Wow, what a journey this has been! For a long time, I was a hamster walked into the gym and head straight for the treadmill, set it at 3.0 and 45 minutes later I would leave. I never saw a single pound lost. Then I started using Mike’s program and not only lost 10 pounds, but 6 inches. I’m the leanest I’ve ever been without the cardio!”

– Amber[/text_bar_1]

Lisa Lost 3 Inches in Her Waist

[text_bar_1 background=”#D8D8D8″ + width=”100%”]“I was walking 3-5 miles at least 5 times a week. When all of a sudden I hit a plateau. No matter what I did, the weight just stayed the same. After using Mike’s program, the weight just started falling off. I have more energy than I know what to do with. The workouts are tough, but they are worth it!”

– Lisa[/text_bar_1]

Greg Lost 30 Pounds and 10% Body Fat

[text_bar_1 background=”#D8D8D8″ + width=”100%”]“Mike’s program enabled me to lose 30 pounds and reduce my body fat by more than 10%. Even better, my weight has remained the same and yet I have lost another 1% body fat and was able to run the Peachtree Road race with ease.”

– Greg



3 Weeks in and I’m Forever Changed by Your Finishers!

[text_bar_1 background=”#D8D8D8″ + width=”100%”]“I hate cardio and always have. I slogged on with it because I thought that was what I had to do. I’m only 3 weeks in, but using your finishers I can see and feel a difference already. I have more mass and definition, AND I’m stronger. I am no longer spinning my wheels. And I’m having FUN! “

– Cassye[/text_bar_1]

Lori Lost 66 Pounds in 5 Months

[text_bar_1 background=”#D8D8D8″ + width=”100%”]“I began working with you when I was fifty nine years old and weighed 231 pounds.  I am only five foot six inches tall.  Needless to say I was obese and definitely out of shape.  I started working out with your programs in January.  By May, I had lost 66 pounds.  I just wanted to let you know I could not have done it without you!   I had a neurological/muscular weakness disease called MyastheniaGravis for five years.  So naturally my muscles were very weak from years of little use.   Through your expertise and wonderful encouragement, I feel “we” have achieved so much. Everyone tells me I look at least ten years younger and feel great.   Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for truly saving my life.  Thank you and may God continue to bless you in helping other people. 

– Lori[/text_bar_1]

“Working Out Smarter Helped Me Shed Unwanted Pounds”

[text_bar_1 background=”#D8D8D8″ + width=”100%”]“With a busy schedule, I had to get in shape fast to participate in a Spartan Race. Not only did I get ready for this race without doing any cardio, but Mike’s finishers helped me shed unwanted fat and I’m now more ripped then I’ve ever been. He showed me how to work out smarter and that helped me shed the fat. 

– Beau, Radio Producer[/text_bar_1]

“I Feel Like Doing Things I Was Not Able To Do Before”

[text_bar_1 background=”#D8D8D8″ + width=”100%”]“It all started when I wanted to go on a mission trip to Ecuador. I realized I could not even bend over to pick up a two by four easily. I just want to tell you how much you have done for me. Starting out at 330 I needed to make a drastic change in my life. Last year you saw me lose over 65 lbs.  Not only did I lose weight, but I can now do the things I couldn’t do before. I look forward to going to the gym every morning. Seeing what you did for yourself was a motivation for me as well.”

– Bob[/text_bar_1]

“My Metabolism Shot Through the Roof”

[text_bar_1 background=”#D8D8D8″ + width=”100%”]“Last year around November my weight topped out at 210lbs. I was feeling miserable and resigning myself to the fact I would be that big forever. I was getting stress fractures on my feet from the excess weight I was carrying.  I started on this new journey to lose this excess weight and the first week I lost 10 lbs!!  The second week I lost 7lbs and the third week I lost about 5lbs. By the end of December I had lost 30 lbs! I couldn’t believe it!! My metabolism shot through the roof and I wasn’t as winded when I did things. Another thing; I have asthma, so when I lost this excess weight I had a hard time breathing. As I lost the weight, my symptoms subsided. I went from a size 22 to a size 14!! Since then I was able to keep the weight off. All I can say is Mikey I love ya!! You helped me get m y life back into shape an dI feel so much better!!”

– Lorrie[/text_bar_1]

“I Thought I Didn’t Have the Time to Work Out”

[text_bar_1 background=”#D8D8D8″ + width=”100%”]“Being a single mom, I thought I didn’t have the time to work out. But once I used your crazy finishers, I soon found out I can get results as long as I put in the effort. A full time job and a daughter kept me very busy, but thanks to your program, I was still able to lose my last 15 pounds I’d been struggling with for so long. No more crazy diets. I’ve found something I can stick to thanks to you!”

– Mandy[/text_bar_1]

Look, I know you’re excited, and I am excited for you. I look forward to working with you and helping you on a more personal level. But not only will you get the personal coaching, accountability and support you need to shatter your goals, you’re also going to get support from the entire Workout Finishers community.

But I really want this to be a no-brainer decision for you, so I’m also giving you some bonuses just because you’re taking action today.

As soon as you get inside the member area, you can start with ANY of these programs…

Bonus # 1 – Density Afterburn 4-Week Program

This NEW 4-week program uses the powerful Metabolic Density approach.

Honestly, the first superset alone in Workout A is enough for a fast workout, but you ll continue the density chaos from there & just wait until you hit the circuit in Workout C followed by the bodyweight frenzy circuit.

 And of course, you’ll be able to keep us updated on your progress with it inside the private forum.




Bonus # 2 – Metabolic Shock 4-Week Program

For the next 4 weeks, be prepared to have your muscles shocked.

You’ll use a variety of metabolic approaches but you’ll need to brace yourself for the shocking finishers. But don’t worry, there’s a lot of fun packed into these fat-burning workouts including the Arm Shock Circuit in Workout A.





5mindencityfinishersBonus # 3 – 5-Minute Density Finishers

As if I wouldn’t create a Finisher bonus… c’mon, you know me better than that.

Inside this training manual, you’ll get 12 5-minute finishers using the density approach that you can use at the end of ANY workout.

You’ll discover the Density Deuces, the Density Revolution, the Olympic Fat Burner and more addicting finishers…
… and don’t forget to ask about how to modify a finisher in the forum based on YOUR needs. That’s what it’s there for.



Bonus # 4 – Seven Nutriton Bonuses

To get you started off right and give you even faster results, I teamed up with fat loss nutritionist Lori Kennedy, RHN and she’s created the ultimate fat loss Done-for-You meal plans. It comes with 5 simple-to-use tools and programs to help you dominate your goals including Goal-Tracking Worksheets, an accountability program, and more. You’ll have everything you need, including the support and motivation to see you to your goal.

Bonus # 5 – NEW 4-Week Workout Program EVERY Month

You’ll get a NEW 4-week structured program each month to avoid plateaus and prevent overuse injuries. These are structured FULL workouts (with finishers of course!) so you’ll never have to guess what to do next. Plus, you’ll be getting access to the latest advanced methods.

Screenshot 2014-04-02 12.54.01

Bonus # 6 – NEW Finisher Challenge EVERY Week

Each week, you’ll be the first to get in on NEW finishers as you’ll rip through the “Freaky Finisher of the Week” with a new challenge. This is exclusive to the private Facebook forum and this has been a reader favorite…. “The new challenges each week are worth it alone” – Mandy G

[text_bar_3 background=”#F0F0F0″ + width=”100%”]Yes, That’s 11 Proven Programs You Get Including Done-For-You Meal Plans, Goal Tracking Worksheets, 12 Weeks of Full Metabolic Workouts and More for Less than a Dinner Out[/text_bar_3]

[guarantee_box_1 title=”Get 3X the Value 100% Money Back Guarantee”]

Here’s the deal.

If you don’t get at least 3 times the value from these exclusive bonuses and programs, we’ll refund every single cent back to you. In fact, test drive any of these programs for a full 60 days. If you’re not happy with any of them for ANY reason, we’ll promptly return your investment.

That’s how confident we are in you getting the results you deserve with the expert advice, coaching, support and accountability.


I am only allowing this exclusive offer for a limited time who are looking for a lasting fat loss transformation for $9. This eliminates all excuses.

I look forward to working with you,
Mike Whitfield, Master CTT


You will instantly receive all three Metabolic Workouts PLUS the nutrition AND done-for-you fat loss meal plans bonuses for only $9. PLUS, you’ll get 30 days free in the Workout Finishers Inner Circle where you’ll get direct access to me to help you finally burn the fat, once and for all – and if you decide to let me help you achieve your fat loss goals and choose to remain a member of the Workout Finishers Inner Circle, you will be billed just $9.95 per month starting in 30 days.

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